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Thanks from the “Honky Tonk Happy Hour” Production Team

Thanks to all you folks that have visited Honky Tonk Happy Hour on YouTube

We need your support to make the show a success

When visiting Honky Tonk Happy Hour on YouTube – Please take a moment to do a few things that will help us produce a better show:

  1. Leave a Comment
  2. Favorite the video clips you enjoy most
  3. Share your favorite clips via email and social networking sights like facebook, MySpace etc…
  4. Add favorite clips to your playlists
  5. Give us suggestions on what you would like to see on HThh

We will start producing full versions of Honky Tonk Happy Hour at some point in the near future - In the mean time, we will be regularly posting new video's on YouTube.  Your input will help us produce a better and more enjoyable program as we refine the concept.

Thanks from the Honky Tonk Happy Hour production team – We can’t do this without the help and support of Live Music Fans like you…

Honky Tonk Happy Hour hosted by Mitch Jacobs
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We are currently designing the "Official" Honky Tonk Happy Hour website
We decided that going live while developing the site is a great way to get feedback from music fans.
Please visit the site and let us know what you would like us to include, such as, Artist news - Tour Info - Artist Links etc...
We'll consider any reasonable suggestions - Hell we'll even consider unreasonable suggestions.
Please help us build a better site by making comments and suggestions - we will try our best  to respond to all...

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